Event planning checklist

Planning an event for the first time?

Do you want your team to be able to follow an easy procedure while planning an event?

Use this checklist to ensure you have thought about all of the key areas relating to your event. Have you:

  • Determined the event goals and objectives

  • Produced a written event plan

  • Defined the event audience

  • Conducted market research

  • Finalised the event budget

  • Decided on an event name

  • Booked an event venue

  • Created a marketing plan and timeline

  • Selected your vendors

  • Secured your event sponsorship

  • Determined a registration system

  • Launched an event website

  • Launched the event marketing campaign

  • Scheduled an email marketing campaign

  • Booked speakers and presenters

  • Organised insurance and health and safety compliance

  • Organised catering

  • Organised audio visual, lighting and staging

  • Booked entertainment

  • Hired event staff

  • Determined a lead capture system

  • Ordered event signage

  • Involved local or industry press

  • Reviewed and analysed event success