Questions to Ask When Selecting a Training Venue

1. Will the space be available on your selected dates? Does the venue have rooms, audio equipment, and everything else you'll need on those dates?

2. Is the venue easily accessible from the airport, highways, or public transportation? Think about how your attendees will travel to the training. If most of them are coming from the airport, ask if the venue offers transport service. You should also find out if ample parking is available.

3. Does the venue provide accommodations? It may be a smart idea to hold your training at a hotel or a venue that is within walking distance of hotels and restaurants. This is especially true if many of your attendees come from out of town.

4. What kind of atmosphere does the venue provide? An outdated venue can save you money, but your attendees may complain about the "feel" of the conference.

5. What is the size of the venue? Attendees should be able to relax between sessions and have comfortable seating during all sessions.

6. Does the venue meet your technical and business requirements? Does the facility have audio equipment, computers, and wireless Internet?

7. Can the venue cater events? Are the caterers able to accommodate vegans, diabetics, and other dietary restrictions?

8. Is the venue providing any freebies? Even small things like complimentary stationery, transport, or beverage service can save you money and improve the experience for your attendees.

9. What is the cost of the venue? The venue should fall within your budget and offer incentives to get your business. You should also be aware of liability issues, payment terms and the fine print.

10. What are the lighting and acoustics like? Lighting and acoustics are often overlooked when choosing a training venue, but they will have a huge impact on delegates. See if you can schedule your venue visit during an event with a similar setup to yours. Knowing the setup capabilities will be helpful. You'll see the rooms in action, and you may get some ideas for setup as well. In order for your training to run smoothly, these need to be arranged in advance.

11. What is the venue’s cancellation policy? Understanding a venue's cancellation policy is imperative in these times of uncertainty and shifting public health guidelines. Is there a cancellation fee, or are there restrictions on certain dates? Be sure to ask about everything a venue might require to refund your deposit and get it in writing.