Colab Training Solution’s Celebrates 2 Years In Business

This month, April marks 2 years since I founded Colab Training Solutions.

The feelings I experienced over these past 2 years are unfathomable.

Starting this entrepreneurial journey exactly 2 years, I was extremely passionate. I was excited yet scared. I was excited to have something of my own, my own empire in the making. Yet, I had fear for the unknown. What if it doesn’t take off? What if I didn’t get any clients? What if I fail?

As expected for any new business, the start is often slow.

I approached so many well-known companies, it seemed as if none of them were interested in a “newbie” company with no history to prove themselves. At this time, I started doubting my decision to start this business but I did not want to give up.

I started calling up small businesses to do workshops at Colab Training Solutions and I would do the hosting, admin, and setting up of the workshops at no extra cost.

This is actually how Colab Training Solutions, got known and grew, also lots of time spent on social media sharing and liking posts. It was quite exhausting.

Things then started looking great and I was so optimistic...

Less than a year later, we were hit with the pandemic. I was still ok, still optimistic, I could still cover my overheads. It was around May that I went into panic mode. I was overwhelmed with regret, fear, sadness, and disappointment. Many companies around me were closing due to the pandemic. This pandemic was slaying businesses, small or big. I still did not want to give up. I refused to. This could not be the end of Colab Training Solutions, not yet.

I went back to the drawing board. I went to all those small businesses that supported me at the beginning and I offered to host them online and again do all the background admin like advertising, accepting payments, and even emailing everyone the links for these workshops.

I agreed to do these things to keep my boat afloat. It was not my job nor was it my passion, I am a trainer, I am not an administrator, but I told myself there is no time and no place for pride right now. You make this work, get out of your comfort zone and you make this happen regardless of what it is you have to do to make it happen.

My point here is that no matter how big or successful you or your company becomes, do not think that you cannot or should not go back to the basics and get your hands dirty to save your business.

Covid-19 allowed me to remove my blinkers and oust my narrow thinking. It allowed me to expand my services in order to save my business and for this I am grateful.

In contrast, never think that your business is too small to reach new heights. During this trying period, I have developed my business in ways that I have never imagined and now those big businesses that turned me away 2 years ago are my clients.

It has been quite a journey but I had faith. With lots of praying and the love and support of my wonderful parents and amazing husband, I made it this far.

Colab Training Solutions will be opening our second premises this year. Watch This Space!!!